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Business Line Rental:

BT Price £14.87 Our Price: £12.49

Cheap Business Analogue Phone Line Rental for Small Businesses   

Tycoon Telecom prides itself with outstanding customer service and aims to identify exactly what services and features you need. By identifying exactly what features and services you need this will help you achieve your goals and make sure you only pay for what your business needs.

When you switch to our cheap business line rental you will be saving up to 15% on your line rental charges when compared with BT.


We give you total flexibility that will allow you to specifically design a calling tariff that will allow you to enjoy cheap business calls and save you up to 85% when compared to BT. We also offer you cheap international calls from as little as 3p per minute. You can combine this tailor made tariff with the business broadband package that you may require to create your own bundle.

We can analyse your current phone bills to identify what the majourity of calls your business makes and discount the areas that will benefit your business the most. We are happy to discount our rates in order to win your business and provide you with the service you need.

We can offer cheap international calls, some of the lowest mobile rates in the industry and fantastic package deals on UK local and national (01, 02, 03 numbers).


Business Analogue Line Rental

  • Save 15% on your business analogue line rental compared to BT,

  • Why should I choose Tycoon Telecom for my business analogue line rental?

  • BT OpenReach will continue to maintain & repair your business phone line

  • Save % on business analogue line rental compared to BT

  • Transfer your existing BT line

  • Calls will be capped for up to one hour

  • Simple and easy transfer

  • Guaranteed cheapest deal

  • Keep the same business telephone number and service

  • New line installation available

  • Full range of landline features and services

  • Free  online itemised bill


Business Analogue Line Rental

We aim to provide the best customer service in the industry along with a quick a reliable service. You will have your own dedicated account manager as your personal point of call for any problems or questions that may arise. We have direct access to BT OpenReach’s systems which means we can book new phone line installations, allocate numbers, report line faults and conduct site surveys. All of this can be done at the touch of a button and this will give your business the service and flexibility you need.

We are able to provide this service to our customers at a much cheaper rate because we buy line services on a wholesale basis from Teir 1 carriers. This allows us to have the same access to support & BT systems as BT Retail.  

Your dedicated account manager will be able to quickly identify what areas we will be able to save you money on your business telephone bill. We will instantly be able to save you 15% on business line rental when compared to BT for business analogue line rental. You will be able to keep your existing telephone numbers and you will not have to make any changes to your existing telecom equipment.

Business line features & care options

Tycoon Telecom can also provide a comprehensive range of maintenance care options the same as BT Retail. We also provide a full range of line services.

Care Level 1

Care Level 2

Care Level 3

If you have any faults on your business telephone line you can contact your dedicated account manager directly so you do not have to wait in long queue listening to hold music and waiting to have your problem solved. All faults are investigated and resolved on our behalf by BT OpenReach.

New business line installation

Do you need a new phone line? Moving home? Tycoon Telecom can install a new phone line for £99.99 (BT costs £127.99) - For more information, call us on 0208 123 9913





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